Restaurant / Tavern

Tavern and Restaurant

In addition to the basic content of accommodation, in the Youth Hostel Izvor you can also:

  • Rent restaurant with 120 places for organizing weddings, birthdays, graduations, prom celebrations, anniversaries and other manifestations.
  • Rent tavern for organizing same or similar events, but in smaller number and more intimate atmosphere.

A special advantage of our facilities is that you can rent a space only (tavern or restaurant), but you can also ask for the complete content and organization (food, drinks, services).


Restaurant with 120 seats makes the hostel unique in a comparison to other hostels in the region! It is suitable for organizing various celebrations and events, as well as for seminars and other gatherings. Completely new interior gives the restaurant a special charm!

The convenience offered by the restaurant is that our guests (if it is a group of over 40 people) can use the restaurant exclusively for their needs, where they can prepare meals and organize various meetings and events.



Built of pure natural materials, stone and wood, our tavern with the capacity of 60 seats, being the additional content of hostel "Izvor" makes it much more attractive and richer. The beautiful interior of the tavern enriched with unique souvenirs and antiques that were part of every old Montenegrin houses, with the bracing scent of wood and the warmth of fireplace which pleasantly crackles will make your stay in the tavern exceptional!

Aside from the fact that each hostel guest can stay at the tavern, hostel offers rental of the tavern for private celebrations, birthdays, graduations, mini weddings and other events and gatherings.  Interior of tavern can be adjusted to your needs; we have classic, restaurant tables, but also the modern ones for some youth celebrations. Depending on the type of event, capacity varies from 50-120 seats.


Guests of the hostel can enjoy in accommodation on the basis of full and half board!